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About Vintage Vegas Entertainment

Lisa L. Lyttle, owner of the company, grew up in Las Vegas and has been part of the entertainment business here since an early age. At 19 she joined the Folies Bergere as a showgirl at the Tropicana Hotel and, from there, went on to perform as a showgirl with highly successful and iconic reviews at other hotels on the Las Vegas Strip: Splash at the Riviera, Enter the Night at the Stardust, and Jubilee at Bally’s. She also worked in television and radio, while studying Communications at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and experienced success as a sought-after fitness model.

She later moved ‘behind the curtain’ to start and build her own talent agency that became, under her guidance, one of the top agencies in the region. Her diverse and extensive experience as an entertainer stood her in good stead when it came to making both clients and talent extremely happy, and she developed an excellent personal reputation as a booking agent, event coordinator, and producer with integrity who would go the extra mile for her clients and for her performers. Her long-time immersion in the world of live entertainment ensures that everything she is involved with bears the stamp of authenticity.

Realizing that the legend of ‘old’ Las Vegas was in sore need of a revisit, she decided to start an agency dedicated to acknowledging and, as far as possible, recreating those classic days of yore. This is the storied Las Vegas of days gone by, when the likes of the Rat Pack, Elvis, and Tom Jones ruled the Neon City and when real showgirls lent Vegas showrooms an elegance and grace rarely seen these days. In the course of her work, she discovered that a great many people long to relive those days, if only for a short time. But what she also found was that even more of younger generations desperately wish to have a taste of something that they never had an opportunity to experience for themselves, something they have only heard of: something vintage.

And that’s how VINTAGE VEGAS ENTERTAINMENT came to be…